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Guano Records lands Non-exclusive Deal with Atlas Media Group

Guano Records went on a hunt to find another path to add on our road to success. We decided to team up with Atlas Media Group, a startup publishing company that services San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. We remain focused as we push towards the holiday season, so we can see this as a present from those over at Atlas! We're thankful for the opportunity to expand our operations with your team at our side. Atlas Media Group will focus specifically on getting Guano Records artists and our music into film, TV, and radio, while securing our music under BMI, ASCAP and other PRO's (performing rights organizations). Through the many resources at both of our disposal, we are confident that Atlas and Guano together can pull off whatever task is at hand. Previously, we were working with another publishing company that chose to act as a new record label. This not only tied our hands as a label, but placed our artists worth into another record label. Guano Records will remain an independent record label and will never be placed second to anyone. With the start of Atlas Media Group, we would officialy like to clear things up and move forward. Now, the time has come for Guano Records to increase the output of services to our artists, as we have always been a one-stop for music of all genres. To our family, friends and loyal supporters - THANK YOU for remaining at our side as we continue to make great music...GUANO MUSIC!!

Live From Your Mother - Mello
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