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I knew that each individual possessed the ability to maintain and sustain a Record label where Audio engineers and musicians could grow and flourish. I wanted to work with a well established team of high-caliber individuals, and got everything I asked for and more here at Guano Records. We share our real-world enterprise solution amongst each other as a family, and operation. I have always been a leader,  and I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to work with such an amazing cast of individuals!! 

Brieon Russell

My individual mission is to be that absolute best engineer I can be and be well rounded in all genres and styles to take you to the top on all platforms. As a label, I strive to bring this label to the top and only produce the highest quality work and services. 

Michael Smith

Certified Street Team - Guano Records LLC.,

I plan to bring Guano Records to an entirely new level worldwide!  Guano Records will become #1 in California as well as internationally.  We are Guano Records.  My job is to help out with setting up, tearing down and getting the word out to the people that Guano Records is here to stay and we arent going anywhere.

Anthony Harris

Certified Street Team - Guano Records LLC.,

I like to think of myself as the Voice of the Streets!  I rep that Pomona all day everyday!  Guano Records has been apart of me since we first started.  Im a part of something much greater than myself.  I took an oath to build the Guano Brand from the ground up.  RAIDERS!!!

Frankie Ortega

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