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**New Music Video on the Way** Serpents in Disguise Ft. Overlord Gruff

We have been keeping a tight lip about the new music video, Serpents in Disguise featuring Overlord Gruff. Our guys over at Digital Decay have been working non stop to bring the best video they have to offer. We got to see a few stills of the video and we must say - WE ARE IMPRESSED. We feel we made the right decision to allow Digital Decay to continue working on the image of the artists here at Guano Records. The attention to detail and care they provide is unparalleled. We carry full faith in the skills they have and will remain supportive of whatever choice they make when it comes to our video production necessities. We will keep working on the visual aspect of our music, because we know its important for our fans to get a close up look at how we command a presence across many video platforms. Stay tuned as always, as we keep this train going!

Live From Your Mother - Mello
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