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1.)How did you get invoived with Guano Records? -I was referred by Overlord Gruff.

2.)What can we expect from you and your music? -Pain, Motivation, High expectations. Expect To Win.

3.)What experience do you have with the music industry? -Been Doing Music For 8 Years. Far As The Music Industry… No Experience. I’m a quick learner though.

4.)What does it take to get far in this business? -Positve Mindsets. Faith In Your Craft. Motivation To Keep Going Even When Everybody’s Against You. Taking Chances. Being a Daredevil. And Much More.

5.)Any advice for a young version of yourself coming into the field of music? -Love nothing But Family. Turn Up To a Point Where Competion Has No Choice But To Turn Down. Love Your Music. Speak The Truth.Keep It 200.


Live From Your Mother - Mello
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