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Overlord Gruff releases the artwork for his studio debut album, "Lord Have Mercy".

Overlord Gruff releases artwork for upcoming album titled "Lord Have Mercy"

While most of us have been waiting on Overlord Gruffs album, Lord Have Mercy since he dropped the fire single, "Fastlane" back in July 2014, Gruff has instead hit fans with “Most Brutal”, not to mention mixtapes and various features, “Smokin Killa” & “Calculated Savagery” featuring Knowmad that Dude.

Now that he's got all those projects out of his system, it appears as though it is finally time for Lord Have Mercy. If we've learned anything from all the projects he's released in between the initial announcement for the album and now, it's that Gruff definitely lives by his motivating motto (although perhaps he needs some assistance in time management). Today, Guano Records has revealed the official cover art for the standard editions of the album.

Take a look at the artwork above, and stay tuned for the tracklist.

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