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Choosing an Artist Manager

Choosing an Artist Manager No matter what genre of music or career path chosen by an artist, bad management can really do irreparable damage to one’s career. To be blunt, bad management can really F’up your chances of ever succeeding in the music industry. Forget everything you think you know about artist management. Contrary to the popular myth, you don’t work for your manager. Unlike the working relationship between the second shift manager at Taco Bell and the person working the drink dispenser, in the relationship between an artist and manager, the manager is actually in the subordinate role. Let’s be clear, your manager works for you… you don’t work for them! In the music or entertainment industries, the term manager refers to a person that assists artists in all matters of their music careers. Therefore, as a manager’s employer, you are entitled to all of the rights, benefits, and privileges associated with the employer-employee relationship. More specifically, an artist manager’s job is to guide and counsel an artist’s music or entertainment career for the benefit of building their brand. In addition, an artist manager assists artists in the administrative tasks associated with the business of music, and advises them on important business decisions.

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