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Artist Development & Relations

Zach Pellegrini

Michael Smith

1.Q. How did you get involved with Guano Records?


A. I went to school for audio engineering and was in a class with a group of talented and hungry egineers all with their own background and we had the opportunity to make a label and took it and ran with it.

2.Q. What is your mission?


A. My individual mission is to be that absolute best engineer I can be and be well rounded in all genres and styles to take you to the top on all platforms. As a label I strive to bring this label to the top and only produce the highest quality work and services. 

3.Q. What is your experience?


A. I have been working with live sound on a regular basis for the past 5 some years. I have studied both at Mira Costa College and Media Tech and have been playing drums since I was six. As for experience as the Creative Director, I am certified in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. I have also worked as the main graphic designer for well established companies.


4.Q. What is your responsibilities at the label 


A. I work with all our graphics, logos, and approve artwork for albums, letter heads, and one sheets. I also work with artist relations and building their career with Guano Records.      

Tyler (Mello)

Q1.What pushed you the most and kept you going on the road to success?


A1. What always pushed me in life and kept me going was invisioning myself in the position of success and how amazing it always felt to be in that position.


Q2 What artists influenced you in the craft of your music?


A2 Well the artists that really influenced me as I progressed through rapping were Nas and biggie because I loved the way they could ride the beat and flow with interesting rhyme schemes and hard hitting lyrics

Q3 What made you want to be apart of Guano?


A3 what made me want to be apart of Guano was opening my eyes and realizing that everything happened so perfect, and I dont mean it was easy, it was a long and challenging road for me to get here, all the way from an idea to be an artist and create music to Guano Records. At first I heard just the idea of Guano, I thought it sounded dope, just the name seemed like it was a good fit. But things really didnt hit me untill the first business meeting, thats where I realized that "this is it". This is Guano, and its where I wanna be.

Q4 where did you get a name like Reverb Mello?


I got that name in the studio, right at mediatech institute. My name use to be J Mello because my last name is Jefferson and im a mello person. But then a rapper who went by the name of Zone noticed I used a lot of reverb and said "ima call you Reverb Mello from now on". I gave him props, I thought the name had a nice ring to it, so it stuck.

Q5. who was your favorite artist to work with in the studio at mediatech?


A5. Id say my favorite artist of worked with hands down is Overlord Gruff. everytime he walked in the studio I knew we were getting something done, he would write his verses in the studio and get 16 bars done, written, in like 15 minutes then record the verse and get it right usually the first take. BOOM done, BARS...

Q6. How did you feel at your first major performance?


A6. Pumped!  I told myself these people came to be entertained, they need to be entertained. So I went out and I rapped my ass off.

Q7. Whos someone that motivated you on the road to success?


A7. My best friend Kaelon Drae, was a rapper way before I even thought about rapping. Every song he put out would motivate me to be creative, and eventually I got into rapping, his songs motivated me to practice and practice.

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